How Does Blood Clot? - Platelets
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Step 1: An empty cuvette.
Step 2: An empty cuvette with collagen fibers attached to its side .
Step 3: Add plasma containing VWF. The VWF now binds to collagen.
Step 4: Pipette off plasma.
Step 5: Wash as in ELISA method.
Step 6: Add anti-VWF antibody with tag ( horseradish peroxidase, HRP). Antibody binds to VWF.
Step 7: Wash
Step 8: Add substrate (clear liquid containing chromogen as for alpha-2 antiplasmin).
Step 9: HRP cuts substrate and solution turns blue.
Step 10: Add acid (tube or pipette). Turns yellow. Read plate (can connect to the measurement under General Principles).

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