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Los Angeles Institute of Art

Los Angeles Institute of Art was where it all started.
If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve had to withstand endings of some major eras in your life. For me these endings occurred when I graduated from medical college, changed, jobs, relocated USA and finally retired. I had to bid adieu to an old and familiar way of being and start a new chapter in my life.
Having confronted this challenge several times in the past, I knew that crossing the bridge of life transitions was not an easy feat. The finality of endings always excited me because it felt like a “mini-rebirth”. My last change happened when I decided to retire.
It was not until I enrolled in the Los Angeles Institute of Art that I began shifting my perspective on this venture of my life. In the course. I appreciate all the mentoring and guidance I have received here, and I know I’m not done learning yet. The list will continue to grow through the years.
With the skills, I have learnt here I was able to forge relationship with Dr Roshni Kulkarni in creating animations for How does Blood Clot?. That is how all started.