PERRE'S VENTAGLIO by Beverly Pepper
Beverly Pepper

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1967, stainless steel and enamel, 7 feet 10 inches by 6 feet 8 inches by 8 feet. Gift of Jon and Mary Shirley.<br> <br> Beverly Pepper started her career as a commercial artist in New York before shifting to painting and sculpture. "Perre's Ventaglio III" is an early work from the 1960s, and its title seems to be geared to insiders. All I could figure out is that in Italian "ventaglio" means "fan" — and you can easily see the connection there.<br><br> Unlike Nevelson, whose sculptural forms tend to be more static and are sometimes meant to be viewed from the front, like paintings, Pepper here is reveling in sculpture's added dimension. This piece suggests motion through space and is meant to be looked at from all sides

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