LOVE & LOSS by Roy McMakin
Roy McMakin

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2005, mixed-media installation with benches, tables, pathways, light and a living tree, 40 feet by 24 feet. SAM acquisition funds.

In this installation, McMakin points out quite literally the place where love and loss intersect, and leads us to think about the emotional extremes that branch out from there. McMakin often starts his work with some pedestrian image and then alters it in a surprising way. He might insert a mirror in the straight back of a chair or cobble together a sofa from unmatched cushions. The result: making the familiar seem strange.
A midcareer artist and designer, born in 1956 in Wyoming, McMakin has a strong following on the West Coast. Formerly based in Southern California, where he went to school, McMakin now lives in Seattle and heads a design company, Domestic Furniture/Domestic Architecture. To see more of what McMakin does, visit the Western Bridge gallery on Fourth Avenue South, which he designed. It's both functional and inspired.

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